Sticky Notes
Sticky Notes
Gender Female
Age 9
Team Team Amazement
Place Unknown
Episode Disqualified Unknown
Friends Dartboard, Compass, Soda Pop(one sided on her side)
Enemies Froyo(briefly)
Voiced by Ghena Nachar


Sticky Notes is labled The Excited One. She is 9 years old voiced by Ghena Nachar. She is annoying to Froyo Breifly. She also is obsessed with Soda Pop which he hates her so. She is a somewhat an exciting contestant.


  • She and Palette are the second characters to share a voice actor.Eco Cup, Froyo and Justice are the first.
  • She may be Similar to Bow from Inanimate Insanity.
    • They are both excited.
    • They are both obsessed with a Certain object.
      • Bow is obsessed with chairs and Sticky Notes is obsessed with Food.
    • They have eyelashes.
  • She is the youngest contestant.
  • She is Similar to Blue from The Color Challenge because:
    • They are often excited.
    • They are square.
    • They have blue in them.
  • She is similar to Arrowy from Competition for fun-land because:
    • They are female.
    • They are excited.
    • They have green in them.
    • They are armless.