Soda Pop, Root Beer, and Battery's early concept design.

Root Beer

Root Beer

Root Beer
Gender Male
Age 15
Team Team Worldwide
Episode Disqualified Unknown
Place Unknown
Friends Cassette
Enemies Everyone
Voiced by Michael Huang


Root Beer is labled The Rude Beer.  He is very rude to lots of contestants except Anti Eco Cup. He hates Justice the most, saying that Eco Cup's challanges are easy.


  • His actor is the only person who voices someone in the show Amazing Jana hasn't knew In person yet.
    • However, If Gabe Mercader still voiced Soda Pop, Michael wouldn't be the only one.
  • The Michael Huang used to voice BFDI Characters is not the one voicing Root Beer.The one that voices Root Beer is a wikia user by the name Teiu88, his Instagram username too.