Gender Female
Age 13
Team Team Worldwide(leader)
Episode Disqualified Unknown
Place Unknown
Friends Sticky Notes
Enemies Eco Cup
Voiced by Sara Saab


Dartboard is labled The Attractive one. She is 13 years old voiced by Sara Saab. Her best friend is Sticky Notes. She thinks she so attractive. When someone says Very Attractive which they not meant her or either saying she is not, she would just put the face of that person on her and she would get everyone to play darts and laugh. She is the leader of Team Worldwide


  • Dartboard's colors are an invert of the original Dartboard's colors:Red, Black and Green
    • Dartboards Season 2 design might use the original colors.
  • She and Compass are maybe the same height.
  • She was the first idea for a contestant.