Gender Male
Age 13
Team Team Amazement
Episode Disqualified Unknown
Place Unknown
Friends Pencil Cup, Sticky Notes, Dartboard, Chinese Takeout
Enemies Root Beer, Battery
Voiced by Abbas Nahhal


He is labeled The Locator. He gets help in his challenges with himself, when the direction lights up in green. He is often rude to Root Beer 24/7, because he (Root Beer) keeps blaming Compass.


  • He and Cassette were the replacements for a scrapped character.
  • He is the only boy in Team Amazement.
  • There is another Compass contestant in Battle for Champion's Resort.
  • He and Dartboard may be the same height.
  • Despite Compass' design, original compasses only have arrows on top and bottom.


The Contestant that cheats~Root Beer

2nd Best Friend~ Sticky Notes

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